Dutchweek at the Beach - ApenkooiGym!

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Dutchweek at the Beach - ApenkooiGym!

Are you ready for a new event!? The new event we are going to launch under our new label D-Wonderland: Dutchweek at the Beach - ApenkooiGym!  This event is dedicated to active and fun games and a Dutchweek Beach Party, a combination that winter sports enthusiasts are already used to from us. We organize this event together with ApenkooiGym and the Beach Stadium The Hague. Within this event we organize the largest outdoor ApenkooiGym in the Netherlands! But there is more.

The event will take place on Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July. On Friday it is 18+ and on Saturday it is also fun for families. Then there are special kids tickets for 6 to 16 years. There will be different games. You do these with your own team or in a team composed on that day. Fun, nostalgia, and conviviality guaranteed!  All while enjoying delicious beachy tunes. At the end of the afternoon the Dutchweek Beach Party starts! The games go to the side and make way for a large dance floor. Nice with our feet in the sand and dancing to tropical tunes!

Dutchweek at the Beach - ApenkooiGym!: The Netherlands' largest Outdoor ApenkooiGym, the best of outdoor play and of course full enjoyment of the DJs and music!

During the day, the event is mainly about the games that take place from 12 o'clock. The choice will be huge, so that everyone has the day of their lives! The activities will take place around and in the center court of the stadium. We will provide summer beats and entertainment during the event.

At the end of the afternoon the Dutchweek Beach Party starts. This is organized within the stadium. Here, various DJs will play tropical, cheerful beachy beats. Keep an eye on our socials for the line-up, we have already heard names like Fake Tits go around for example!

What can you expect? We list all the games, in your ticket you can reserve a time block for different games:

ApenkooiGym is the specialist in fun and nostalgia for adults and takes you into a delicious game of ApenkooiGym.This is the main game of the weekend and the largest outdoor version in the Netherlands ever organized! The gym teachers of ApenkooiGym bring you this nostalgic classic, complete with cabinets, trampolines, thick mats, and secret saviour. ApenkooiGym is the unique combination of sports and games and will be played on the center court of the stadium during the event. ApenkooiGym specializes in sports activities for adults, so certainly no exclusive right for the kids in this activity!

James Bond
The James Bonds complete the obstacle course as often as possible without being hit by the dodgeballs of the badguys. As a team you come to the turn as James Bond and as Team Badguy. Just like with Apenkooi, the floor is also made of lava and the team with the high score wins! James Bond

also takes place on the stadium's center court and is the second biggest activity of the weekend. This game is fun for every age.

Dodgeball / Trefbal
The game everyone knows: Dodgeball, or trefbal! The stunner in which time stands still for a moment and only one thing counts: every ball must hit. If you are hit, you continue to play in the mock killing box, where you are still 100% part of the game. This game is played on the beach outside the stadium. 

Spike ball
This is an upcoming game that has come over from America. Spike ball is starting to become wildly popular, and this is your chance to get involved! You play it 2 against 2. Instead of playing the ball 'over' the net as with volleyball, you hit the ball 'into' the (trampoline) net here. This makes it extra difficult for the opponents to play the ball back. This game takes place on the beach. 

Ultimate Frisbee
Everyone has thrown a frisbee at some point, and ultimate frisbee isn't just about simply throwing it over. It is the only game where there are no referees. You play 5 against 5 and score by having your fellow player catch the disc in the final box. Think of American Football, only you are not allowed to walk here with the disc plus you can only defend at arm's length. This game takes place on the beach.

For the above 5 games you can reserve a time block as soon as you have purchased a suitable ticket, you can also reserve your time blocks in a drawer at the time of course but do this at least a week before the event. 

Who hangs the longest in the most impossible positions? The BoulderBox is a 3D variant of the great Twister. A real challenge, where fun is guaranteed. Who are you going to fight this battle against? The BoulderBox is located outside the stadium.

Slack line
Slackline is a trend sport where you try to balance on a tightly stretched band, many wave surfers do this as soon as there are too few waves. In this game you train both body and mind, you must be focused so as not to fall off the belt. The right tension depends on the experience of the slackline. You can stretch the band the less experienced you are. The slack line(s) can also be found outside the stadium.

For these 2 games you can participate on free walk-in and availability if you have purchased a ticket.

For Dutchweek at the Beach, different types of tickets are offered. For example, you can choose wether you only participate in the games, only come to the Beachparty or purchase tickets for the full program. The event on Friday is from 18 years. For Saturday there are kids tickets available from 6 to 16 years. So that day is fun for the whole family! If there are still tickets, it is also possible to purchase them at the door.

The tickets will be online as soon as possible!

On Friday the program starts at 12.00 PM. The games ended around 17.00 and at 16.00 the beach party starts which lasts until midnight. On Saturday the program is from 12.00 to 20.00. On both days the walk-in is from 11.00 AM.

In addition to all the games that are organized, entertainment is of course also provided. During the games, various Dutchweek DJs will play nice active beach tunes. From about 16 o'clock the games go to the side and the Dutchweek Beach Party starts with happy party hits and guilty pleasures, on Saturday until about midnight and on Sunday until about 20 o'clock. 



30-06-2023 12:00 - ± 00:00

01-07-2023 12:00 - ± 20:00

Age: Friday 18+ Saturday 6+

You can buy different tickets:


Tropical Active (games & party) €49,99

Tropical Beach Party (party only) €24,99

Tropical Sporty (games only) €34,99

Tropical Active Group €44,99 (games & party, minimum with 25 people)



Tropical Active (games & party) €25,00

Tropical Active Kids (children's ticket games & party) €14,99


Prices of all tickets are per person, including VAT and excluding service costs. 



Beach Stadium The Hague

strandweg 4, 2586 JK The Hague.

For more accessibility and information about the location, go to https://www.beachstadium.com

During the event there will be a wide range of food and drinks. Everyone can buy this with coins for sale at the Beach Stadium. During the event it is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks unless you follow a special diet or have an allergy. Bringing a water bottle for water is of course allowed. Our partner Sonnema will have a cocktail bar in the stadium. At this Sonnema bar you can, for example, order a Sonnema in the mix, Sonnema Sangria or a Sonnema Split with the coins. 


Our partner SINNER will also be present that day and take care of applying sunscreen, they will also offer a diverse range of cool sunglasses for sale, so that you can buy them if you have forgotten yours or are looking for the latest new model of course! 

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